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The operation of the company started in 2008 with the tillage of land to plant vineyards and orchards of intensive fruitage.

It is this step that became a pivot point in the production of high quality wines, spirits and other beverages.

The vineyards and orchards with an area of over 400 hectares located near Pitsunda and Ochamchira laid the foundation of impeccable quality and gave a start to high-quality production of still and sparkling wines, Chacha (Abkhazian strong liquor) and Calvados, beer, mineral water and lemonades made with the fresh fruit. We use the newest process equipment of leading European manufacturers to produce and bottle our wines, spirits and beverages. For the production of alcohol beverages, it is the renowned Italian brand ‘Ital Technoligi” - and German manufacturers “Kaspar Shult” и “Krones” for the production of beer and non-alcohol beverages.

We use our own, absolutely organic components and raw materials. All of our beverages are produced with the highest quality, purest water collected from the artesian well of Bzib river.

We created a complete production cycle for our product. More than 180 people work for our enterprise, which makes it a great contribution to the development of the Republic of Abkhazia.

of outstanding


Experience and innovations


raw material

Own vineyards and orchards of more than 400 hectares


Purest water collected from the artesian well of Bzib river is used for the production of our beverages

High quality

Modern equipment and experience of our experts provide impeccable quality of our product.

Feel the taste of Abkhazia

Abkhazia is long known for its centuries-old traditions of winemaking. Throughout the history of Abkhazia wine was considered as the greatest gift of God because it gives your soul joy, cures illnesses of your body, uplifts your mood.
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Modern Abkhazia has a unique culture, which tries to blend both modern and cherished old traditions, folk songs and dances.
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The climate of Abkhazia is Mediterranean, subtropical with a very hot summer. Winter is mild and the humidity is high. The average number of solar days is 220 per year. One can bathe in the Black Sea for almost half a year.
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